BISE Abbottabad Result 2022 9th 10th Class | Check BISE Abbottabad Matric Result

Students can look up their BISE Abbottabad Result 2022 9th 10th Class online at by entering their name or roll number. Check out the SSC, 9th grade, and 10th grade results from the Abbottabad Board in 2022. The SSC Part I and SSC Part II annual results for the 9th grade from the BISE Abbottabad Board have been released. Multiple dates in May are set aside for the BISE Abbottabad SSC’s Part I and Part II exams. Examine your Bise Abbottabad Result 2022 with just your name and roll number at You can check your child’s 10th grade result from Bise Abbottabad 2022 by name, roll number, or SMS. Specifically, the Bise Abbottabad result will be released at 10 a.m. local time on the 15th of August.

2022 Abbottabad Board SSC, 10th class, Intermediate Fa FSc, ICS, and I.Com results In May, on various dates, the BISE Abbottabad SSC and HSC will hold its Part 1, Part 2, and examinations. The Abbottabad Board administers the Matric and Inter exams each year. The Abbottabad Board administers the Matric and Inter exams each year. The Abbottabad board, which is made up of a sizable board that encompasses districts like Haripur and Mansehra and Mansehra, is responsible for these areas. Results of Bise Abbottabad by name 2022, see here for more details.

BISE Abbottabad Result 2022 9th 10th Class by Name

Final exams for intermediate and matric classes were successfully completed by the secondary and intermediate education board BISE Abbottabad. The BISE Abbottabad result 2022 is currently under investigation by the authorities. while the announcement of the BISE Abbottabad Result 2022 Date. The BISE Abbottabad is in charge of a number of districts, including Haripur, Abbottabad, Mansehra, Battagram, and Kohistan, as well as numerous schools that are a component of the board.

Bise Abbottabad SSC 2 Result 2022 by Name

The Peshawar board’s administration was initially in charge of the board. Later, though, it was divided in halves and became a totally distinct entity. Exams at both SSC levels as well as the HSSC levels must be administered by the BISE Abbottabad board. The board conducts exams each year, and a large number of candidates participate. The board claims to offer advice to students in several academic fields.

Bise Abbottabad result 2022 by roll number

The SSC Part 1 and Part 2 annual exams are held in March and April by the Abbottabad Board for Intermediate and Secondary. The SSC Part 2 yearly exams take place in May and June. Following written testing, separate sessions are held to administer the practical and written exams for Intermediate and Matric. The Abbottabad board announces the results for pupils who have a secondary school certificate and higher secondary school certificate after two or three months of exams.

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03Bise Abbottabad Result by SMSSend roll Number to 8583
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Abbottabad Board 10th Class Result 2022 by name

The SSC Parts 1 and 2 annual exams will take place in March and April. While the exams for the HSSC Parts 1 and 2 will be place in May and June, they are held at the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Abbottabad in Abbottabad. The written and practical exams are administered separately for Intermediate and Matric exams. After three or two months of tests, the Abbottabad board publishes the results for both lower secondary and upper secondary certificated students.

BISE Abbottabad Result 2022 9th 10th Class Date 2022

Bise Abbottabad Result 2022 will be announced on 15th August 2022 at 10:00 AM.

Secondary and Intermediate Examination Matriculation Results for 2022 from BISE Abbottabad By utilizing your roll number, you can find any student’s complete results. Generally, if you enter the roll number, you can access the result online. The 2022 results have been archived. By going to the board of education’s website, you can get your score for free.

BISE Abbottabad Result 2022 9th 10th Class date

The wait time for intermediate and matric results is short for BISE Abbottabad students. After a few months of exams, the Abbottabad Board typically announces the results. Results for the SSC Part 1 and 2 annual exams are released by the board in June or July. BISE Abbottabad releases part 1 and part 2 of the HSSC results in the months of September and August. Following a result announcement, the results are instantly made available on the board’s official website. Prior to the final results announcement, the results for position-holding students are made public. The board also provides students with their result cards, which they can obtain a few days after the results are announced.

bise Abbottabad result by name SSC

Students atBISE Abbottabad Result 2022 9th 10th Class don’t have to wait too long to see their results for intermediate and matric classes. After a few months of exams, the Abbottabad Board typically announces the results. In June or July, the board releases the SSC Part 1 and 2 exam results. Results for SSC Parts 1 and 2 are released by BISE Abbottabad in the months of August and September.

Shortly after the announcement of the results, the results are made available on the board’s official website. Prior to the formal announcement of the results, an event announces the results for position-holder students. The board also distributes the students’ results, which they may simply obtain a few days after the results are announced.

Methods To Check BISE Abbottabad Result 2022 9th 10th Class

How to quickly obtain the results following the announcement is the question that students have regarding the results that is asked the most. The students are informed that there are numerous ways to check the outcome, including

By using the roll number, view the BISE Abbottabad Result 2022 9th 10th Class.
utilizing the name, look for BISE Abbottabad Results in 2022
Candidates can get the results by visiting the Abbottabad board’s official website, which will make them available.

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BISE Abbottabad Result 2022 9th 10th Class by Name

The board was first managed by the Peshawar director, who served as the board’s administrative specialist; however, it later broke apart and became an autonomous board. Exams for SSC and HSSC are held in BISE Abbottabad. Abbottabad BISE. Tens of thousands of students take the board exams each year. The board is dedicated to supporting students in a variety of ways, including by offering advice and assistance.

Abbottabad Board Gazette of Matric Result 2022

There are a lot of people in Pakistan that utilize to get their online education results. This website provides access to the full exam results for 2022. The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Abbottabad in Abbottabad hosts the SSC Parts 1, 2, and 3 annual exams in March and April. The HSSC Part 1 and 2 exams will be held in June and May, respectively.

The Abbottabad Board holds make-up tests for students who failed their intermediate and matric exams. These exams are held some months following the outcomes of the make-up exams. The supply tests are only being taken by a small number of students. The board announces the results of the intermediate and matric supply exams roughly one to two months after the supply exams, and students can obtain the results on the board’s official website.

BISE Abbottabad Result 2022 9th 10th Class by roll number

BISE Abbottabad will examine four grades. The BISE Abbottabad board will evaluate four grade levels: 9th, 10th, and 11th; 12th, 9th, and 10th. The sciences and arts matriculation, FA, Fsc pre-med, Fsc pre-engineering, I. Com, and ICS exams, among other disciplines, are administered by the Abbottabad board. Shortly after the results have been announced, regular and private students can get the Bise Abbottabad SSC Part 2 Results 2022 on

Bise Abbottabad Board Result 2022 9th Class

Since the end of the final exam, students have been anticipating the release of the results. Students are awaiting the announcement of their results, according to the most recent information. The BISE Abbottabad Result 2022 9th 10th Class will be made public in August. Candidates are advised that the results, both public and private, will be revealed at the same time. Additionally, each student receives a mark sheet showing how many points they received in each class.

Abbottabad Board Matric Result 2022 Online

Students can quickly and easily view their BISE Abbottabad Result 2022 9th 10th Class. Observe for updates. Soon after, the SSC Annual Exam Abbottabad results will be made available online. After declaration, the Abbottabad Matric Results will be made available online at

Check online Bise Abbottabad board results for 9th, 10th SSC, matric 2-year, inter intermediate, hssc FA, FSC, ICS, and I Com Part 2 by Name and Roll Number. Abbottabad Board of BISE View the most recent results for all 9th, 12th SSC, 10th, 5th, and 8th Matric Inter, as well as the 11th HSSC, FA, and FSC Intermediate SSC Part 1 and SSC Part 2 yearly and supply-based results. Online classes for Inter Part 1, Inter Part 2, First Year, and Second Year are currently offered through the BISE Abbottabad Board website at Find the final exam results for the Matric class of the Abbottabad board at BISE Abbottabad Matric Board Results.

Bise Abbottabad Board Result 2022 10th Class

Candidates who took the Bise Abbottabad board’s 10th class exams are currently anticipating the publication of the results. The applicants have been notified that while they are being processed, they will soon be released. Our website will be used to inform the students. However, it should be noted that the matric part 2 yearly exams were held in May 2022. Date sheets were made available by the Board on April 18, 2022, according to the official Board.

Bise Abbottabad Supplementary Result by Name

Results for the BISE Abbottabad Board Matric Results 2022 Supply Exam Matric 9th and 10th Class SSC Certificate Part-02 Result were made public by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (10th Class) Annual Reports must be submitted in January 2022. Check the 2022 BISE Abbottabad Matricula Results online. The 9th and 10th grade results from BISE Bannu are available on this website. The BISEATD 2022 result by name and roll number can be viewed on this website by both regular and private applicants. result 2022

Matric and Inter exams are annually administered by the Abbottabad Board. The Abbottabad Board has a sizable board, and numerous districts, like Haripur and Mansehra, are also a part of the Abbottabad Board. The Abbottabad board is made up of many regular and private pupils, and there are various colleges and schools.

BISE Abbottabad DMC 9th 10th Class Download

Exams for the ninth and tenth grades will be administered at BISE Abbottabad. The ICS, FA, FSC pre-medical, Pre-engineering, Matric sciences and arts, and I. Com are among the topics offered by the Abbottabad board. Abbottabad Board The Abbottabad Board is a sizable board that includes districts like Haripur and Mansehra and Mansehra that are under its jurisdiction. Results of Bise Abbottabad by name 2022, see here for more details.

Bise Abbottabad Result 2022 Matric Updates

Candidates can check the following timetable for information on the BISE Abbottabad Result 2022 9th 10th Class for matric updates. In order for candidates to proceed immediately with their studies in the subsequent class, the board has guaranteed that the results will be provided on time and without delay.

Check BISE Abbottabad Board Result 2022 Matric

Candidates and instructors from all district institutes, schools, and colleges have online access to the results. The Gazette is available to candidates for download in PDF format. for Matriculation in 2022. BISE Board in Abbottabad. The BISE Abbottabad Board is responsible for providing the necessary materials to students who are connected to the boards at certain times. All applicants are given the opportunity to register with boards, which also announce the date sheets and roll number slips for exam results and exams are released with the board’s approval. The Matric results are made public today. Students can see the twenty-two results for the BISE Abbottabad Board because of this.

BISE Abbottabad Result FAQs

What is the official website for? BISE Abbottabad Board?

The official website for Abbottabad Board is

How do I receive BISE Abbottabad results via SMS?

You can use your mobile device to send a text or SMS message to request your BISE Abbottabad results. Enter your roll number and backside into the SMS writing option, then send it to 8583.

What can I do to check my results via SMS Abbottabad Board?

You can use SMS on your phone to check the results of your Abbottabad Board exam in 2022. Simply text the number 8583 to your Bisek Space roll number. Your BISE Abbottabad results will be delivered to your phone’s mobile device.

How do I verify what I have on my BISE as well as result for 2022 Abbottabad Board?

You can examine your Abbottabad Board results as well as the result 2022 online.

What can I do to check the results of my BISE Abbottabad Board result by name?

You can check your name in the gazette published by the Board to see if you are on the BISE Abbottabad Board 2022.

How can I access my previous results from Abbottabad Board?

You must choose the class you want to enroll in and enter your roll number. Board of Abbottabad to delete an outdated search result for the Abbottabad Board, click on search.

How do I download my roll without Slip on BISE Abbottabad?

These are steps you must follow to obtain a Roll No Slip:

  • Complete your Form No. according to the Admission Form.
  • Fill in your current exam roll No.
  • Enter your previous Roll No.
  • Enter your Reference Number.

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