GCU, Lahore Admissions 2022 | Apply Online, Eligibility Criteria

GCU, Lahore admissions 2022 are opened now for MS/MPhil students. Applications are being accepted from domestic, international, and overseas Pakistani students for the following MS/M.PHIL (18 years) and DOCTORATE degree program.

It is an innovative Centre dedicated to producing and sharing cutting-edge information. The goal is to give children the best learning opportunities and tools possible so they may succeed in school, excel in the workplace, and help to shape the future. We think the world may be influenced and changed by people who are brave and honest in their quest for knowledge.

It looks after you at the International Students Office from the point at which you submit an application for admission to the point at which the University awards you a degree. The university manages the admissions procedure, gives you excellent VISA, scholarship, and housing advice, and promotes opportunities for student mobility.

GCU, Lahore Admissions 2022 Details

University NameGovernment College University
Admission openMS/MPhil

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GCU, Lahore Admissions 2022

Eligibility Criteria

visit the official site to see about eligibility and ineligibility criteria: click on link: https://gcu.edu.pk/admissions.php?pg=mphil-program

Fee Structure

Click on link to access the fee details of MS/MPhil: https://gcu.edu.pk/admissions.php?pg=fee-structure

How to Apply to GCU?

Application Steps

  • Please carefully read the e-prospectus, admission notification, and crucial instructions for the major, group, or program for which you wish to apply.
  • Register on the Admission Portal with a working email address to create your online admission application account.
  • After successfully signing up, a system-generated email with an activation link will be delivered to the email address you provided. Your online admission application account will be enabled once you click the link. To access your application account, please click on login.
  • If you have already created an account, please sign in with email and password. If you forgot your password, please click on forgot password to retrieve password.

Step 1: Profile (Biographical Details)

  1. Before entering your personal information, you must upload a picture.
  1. Provide accurate information (Your name, the name of your father, and the date of your birth) in accordance with all degrees and transcripts, including your secondary and intermediate level credentials as well as your CNIC/B-Form and passport.

Step 2: Academic Details

Add academic details in accordance with the order of your credentials, degrees, and diplomas (Secondary to Higher Studies).

Step 3: Profession details

Include details about your experience, research, and profession. If this step is not applicable, you can skip it.

Step 4: Submission of Applications

Apply separately from the same login/account for each Group/Major, Admission Base, and Category one at a time.
(Select your major wisely; it cannot be changed.)

Step 5: Challan Form

Each application’s fee challan will be generated separately. Print the challan, then deposit the fee in any UBL bank branch that accepts payments online. The fee is non-negotiable and non-refundable.

Important Note: If you don’t upload a picture and a softcopy or image of Chan (University Copy) after paying the cost, your application form won’t print.


  • If you want to fill out the form later, you can log out by using the Logout button after any completed stage.
  • Provide accurate information (Your name, the name of your father, and your birthdate) in accordance with all academic credentials, including your secondary and intermediate level diplomas, your CNIC/B-Form, and your passport.
  • Choose your major wisely because it cannot be changed.
  • Candidates will lose their chance at admission if they don’t pay their fees by the deadline.
  • If applicants don’t pay their fees by the deadline, they risk losing their opportunity for admission.

Why Should we choose Government College University?

International Outlook

  • We understand the significance of a more globally interconnected world, and we make sure that our students have the necessary abilities to adapt to its changing needs.
  • Our high caliber instruction in foreign languages, including French, Persian, Arabic, and Chinese, gives our pupils an advantage in the multi-cultural environment of today.
    We encourage all of our kids to develop a variety of communication skills.

Rigorous Academic training

Our accomplished faculty makes sure that students receive the best possible education, and our graduates are proof of this dedication. We provide:

  • Subject matter experts will offer individualized advice during regular contact hours.
  • difficult and demanding tasks and projects
  • a collaborative learning environment using cutting-edge teaching and learning tools
  • Fostering a spirit of inquiry will help you develop critical thinking.

Inspiring Faculty

Our faculty is made up of academics that do their own independent research and are picked for their excellence as academics and teachers. Reputable academics from top colleges throughout the world are asked to instruct pupils and share their motivating experiences with the next generation.

Research culture

University has a policy that supports academic freedom, giving both students and faculty the same opportunity to select, pursue, and speak openly about their areas of research interest. We support faculty and student research in all areas and offer top-notch electronic and lab resources to make sure that it satisfies international standards.

Development in Independent Study Skills

As educators, we realize the value of independence and strive to develop pupils who are capable of handling any situation.

Culture Diversity and Equal Opportunity

The top candidates from various regions are admitted based on merit, ensuring that they can study there with other top candidates.

Deadline For Apply

The last date to apply is July 17, 2022.

You can apply for admission by clicking on the apply button.

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