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University of Engineering and Technology is the one of the best university for Engineering degree and maintain a high rank in Pakistan for its engineering discipline. On this page, you will able to calculate your UET ECAT aggregate through UET ECAT Merit Calculator. It is updated according to the UET instructions. UET is a public sector university, located in Lahore and Specializing for science, technology and engineering discipline.

We are providing the easy method of finding the merit of a program in which you are interested. Here is a proper guidelines for UET ECAT Merit Calculator.

How to check UET Aggregate?

UET merit calculator is very simple and easy to use, enter your matric, intermediate and ECAT marks and then hit “calculate” button.


What is the ECAT test Weightage?

Following is the test weightage of UET;

  • Physics 30 MCQs
  • Mathematics 30 MCQs
  • Chemistry 30 MCQs
  • English 10 MCQs
  • Total Time=100mint

UET ECAT Merit Calculator Formula:

Entry Test(ECAT)30%

UET FORMULA= Matric * 25/1100 + 1st Year * 45/550 + Entry Test * 30/400

Marking Policy

Correct4 Marks
Wrong-5 Marks
Not Attempted0 Marks

UET University’s Vision:

UET’s vision is to create knowledge to gain a competitive advantage globally and become a leading, world-class research university.

UET University’s Mission:

UET’s mission is to take a prominent role as an Engineering and Technology University in teaching, research, innovation, and commercialization that is internationally relevant and directly contributes to the nation’s industrial, technological, and socio-economic development.

UET University’s Core Values:

UET is guided by the following core values to achieve its mission:

  1. Recognizing and rewarding merit, innovation, and creativity.
  2. Achieving and maintaining quality and excellence in teaching and research.
  3. Ensuring transparency and openness in all academic, financial, and public dealings.
  4. Adopting a student-centered approach in all policy matters.
  5. Recruiting, nurturing, and retaining high-quality faculty.

UET University’s Aspiration:

The university aspires to be the regional leader and improve its global ranking from the top 300 Engineering Universities to the top 100 universities in the world.

Future Expansion Plans:

i. Enhancing Students Enrollments:

UET plans to strengthen and expand its activities while maintaining quality to meet the growing demand for engineering graduates in the country. The major objectives are to increase student enrollment to 19,500 by 2020 and 22,340 by 2030.

ii. Faculty Expansion and Development:

The university aims to expand its faculty to 1,083 by 2020 and 1,241 by 2030. It also plans to have 70% of Ph.D. teachers by 2020 and 100% Ph.D. faculty by 2030 across its various campuses.

iii. Expansion / Consolidation of Campuses:

The Main Campus in Lahore will remain the flagship of the University, focusing on improving teaching and research quality to be among the world-class Engineering Universities. Undergraduate student enrollment will be maintained at around 6,000 students, and postgraduate enrollment will gradually increase to 4,000 students. Efforts to enhance the campus infrastructure, research facilities, and faculty development will continue.

iv. Internationalization of UET:

The university aims to promote split Ph.D. programs with foreign institutes, increase the induction of overseas students and improve hostel facilities for them. International collaborations with various departments and research centers will be expanded, and leading departments will be facilitated in obtaining ABET accreditation.

v. Improving World Ranking:

UET will work diligently to improve its world ranking. Measures include expanding the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Architecture & Planning, Institute of Business & Management, and Technology Programs. The number of Ph.D. teachers and research publications in international journals will be increased.

vi. Ensuring Financial Sustainability:

To ensure financial sustainability, UET plans to introduce a merit-based fee structure with deferred payment for needy students (subject to government approval), generate additional funds through short courses and professional development programs, expand the university’s company for consultancy services, and utilize the alumni network to bolster the endowment fund.

UET ECAT Merit Calculator

Basically, UET Aggregate calculator is working as:

Enter your:

  • Total-FSC Marks
  • Obtain-FSC Marks
  • Total-Matric Marks
  • Obtain-Matric Marks
  • Obtain Entry Test(ECAT) Marks

Page Bottom Line:

UET Aggregate Calculator is the neccesary for the calculation of marks to get admission in UET. Through this calculator, now students can easily calculate its aggregate for admission.

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