UMT Lahore Admissions Spring 2022 | UMT Lahore Fee Structure

Interested applicants are advised that UMT Lahore Admissions Spring 2022 are now open, and they should apply as soon as possible. The institute’s official advertising below contains information about the application process, eligibility criteria, admission calendar, last date to apply, prospectus, scholarships opportunities, and contact information. You can also check the Fee Structure of the UMT Lahore Admissions Spring. University Of Management and Technology Lahore Announced Spring 2022 Admission in Varies Departments.

Details of UMT Lahore Admissions Spring 2022

University NameUniversity Of Management and Technology
Admission OpenBS/MS/MSC/MFill/PhD
Deadline12 February 2022

Details of UMT Lahore Admissions Spring 2022 Latest Advertisement

Umt lahore admissions spring 2022
You Can Check Offered Programs Given In Advertisement Form Of UMT Lahore Admissions Spring 2022

All Departments Fee Structure Of UMT Lahore 2022

NOTE: Admission and library fee PKR 25000/- is non-refundable/non-transferable and will be charged with 1st installment.

Program NameDurationLearning InvestmentQuarterly Fee
Dr Hasan Murad School of Management (HSM)
Bachelor of Business and Information Systems4 years1,349,000.0 PKR84,313.0 PKR
Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship4 Years1,099,000.0 PKR68,687.0 PKR
BBA4 years1,599,000.0 PKR99,937.0 PKR
BS Accounting and Finance4 Years1,199,000.0 PKR74,938.0 PKR
BS Economics4 Years1,199,000.0 PKR74,938.0 PKR
BS Islamic Banking and Finance4 Years1,099,000.0 PKR68,687.0 PKR
BS Operations and Supply Chain Management4 Years1,199,000.0 PKR74,938.0 PKR
Digital Marketing Analytics (Applied) (NOT OFFERING in S2022)2 Years499,999.0 PKR62,375.0 PKR
Executive MBA (Weekend)2 Years699,000.0 PKR87,375.0 PKR
MBA (2 years, Evening Classes Only)2 Years899,000.0 PKR112,375.0 PKR
MBA Program 2022 (1.5Yrs, Morning/Evening) – UMT1.5 Years699,000.0 PKR116,500.0 PKR
MS Applied Statistics (NOT OFFERING in S2022)2 Years599,000.0 PKR74,875.0 PKR
MS Business Analytics (NOT OFFERING in S2022)2 Years599,000.0 PKR74,875.0 PKR
MS Data Sciences2 Years599,000.0 PKR74,875.0 PKR
MS Economics (NOT OFFERING in S2022)2 Years599,000.0 PKR74,875.0 PKR
MS Finance2 Years599,000.0 PKR74,875.0 PKR
MS Islamic Banking and Finance (NOT OFFERING in S2022)2 Years499,000.0 PKR62,375.0 PKR
MS Management (NOT OFFERING in S2022)2 Years599,000.0 PKR74,875.0 PKR
MS Marketing (NOT OFFERING in S2022)2 Years599,000.0 PKR74,875.0 PKR
MS Strategic Human Resource Management2 Years599,000.0 PKR74,875.0 PKR
MS Supply Chain Management2 Years599,000.0 PKR74,875.0 PKR
Institute of Aviation Studies
BS Aviation Management4 Years1,499,000.0 PKR93,688.0 PKR
BS Professional Flight Technology (PFT)4 Years1,199,000.0 PKR74,938.0 PKR
BSc Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology4 Years1,199,000.0 PKR74,938.0 PKR
Institute of Liberal Arts
BS (Hons) English Language and Linguistics4 Years749,000.0 PKR46,813.0 PKR
BS (Hons) in English Literature4 Years749,000.0 PKR46,813.0 PKR
BS Liberal Arts4 Years1,099,000.0 PKR68,688.0 PKR
MPhil Applied Linguistics (Weekend)2 Years499,000.0 PKR62,375.0 PKR
School of Architecture and Planning
B Architecture (Fall only)5 Years1,699,000.0 PKR79,950.0 PKR
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture4 years999,000.0 PKR62,438.0 PKR
BS City and Regional Planning4 Years999,000.0 PKR62,438.0 PKR
BS in Building Design and Construction4 Years999,000.0 PKR62,438.0 PKR
School of Commerce and Accountancy
B.Com (Hons) – Post ADP/BA/BSC/B.Com2 Years342,285.0 PKR42,786.0 PKR
BCom (Hons)4 Years599,000.0 PKR37,438.0 PKR
BS Accounting4 Years699,000.0 PKR43,688.0 PKR
BS Accounting – Post ADP/BA/BSC/BCOM2 Years399,428.0 PKR49,928.0 PKR
BS Business Management and Accounting4 years599,000.0 PKR37,438.0 PKR
BS Business Management and Accounting – POST ADP/BA/BSC/BCOM2 Years335,154.0 PKR41,894.0 PKR
School of Design and Textiles
Bachelor of Fashion Design4 Years999,000.0 PKR62,438.0 PKR
Bachelor of Graphic Design4 Years999,000.0 PKR62,438.0 PKR
Bachelor of Interior Design4 Years999,000.0 PKR62,438.0 PKR
Bachelor of Textile Design4 Years999,000.0 PKR62,438.0 PKR
BS Textile Engineering4 Years824,999.0 PKR51,563.0 PKR
BS Textiles4 years999,000.0 PKR62,438.0 PKR
School of Engineering
BS Civil Engineering4 Years1,699,000.0 PKR106,188.0 PKR
BS Electrical Engineering4 Years1,499,000.0 PKR93,688.0 PKR
BS Industrial Engineering4 Years1,199,000.0 PKR74,938.0 PKR
BS Mechanical Engineering4 Years1,699,000.0 PKR106,188.0 PKR
MS Civil Engineering2 Years449,000.0 PKR56,125.0 PKR
MS Electrical Engineering2 Years449,000.0 PKR56,125.0 PKR
MS Engineering Management2 Years449,000.0 PKR56,125.0 PKR
MS Mechanical Engineering2 Years449,000.0 PKR56,125.0 PKR
PhD Civil Engineering3 Years699,000.0 PKR58,250.0 PKR
PhD Electrical Engineering3 Years699,000.0 PKR58,250.0 PKR
School of Food and Agricultural Sciences
BS Agribusiness Management4479,000.0 PKR29,938.0 PKR
BS Food Safety and Quality Management4 Years399,000.0 PKR24,938.0 PKR
BS Food Science and Technology4 Years799,000.0 PKR49,938.0 PKR
BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics4 Years999,000.0 PKR62,438.0 PKR
MS Food Quality Management2 Years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
MS Food Technology2 years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
MS Human Nutrition and Dietetics2 Years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
PhD Food Technology3 Years599,000.0 PKR49,916.0 PKR
School of Governance and Society
BS Disaster Management4-Years699,000.0 PKR43,688.0 PKR
BS Public Administration4 Years699,000.0 PKR43,688.0 PKR
MS Public Policy2 Years349,000.0 PKR43,625.0 PKR
MS Public Policy For Regular Govt Employees2 Years299,000.0 PKR37,375.0 PKR
School of Health Sciences
BS Medical Imaging and Ultrasonography4 years1,199,000.0 PKR74,938.0 PKR
BS Nutrition Sciences4 years1,199,000.0 PKR74,938.0 PKR
Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT)5 years1,499,000.0 PKR74,950.0 PKR
School of Law and Policy
LLB5 Years1,749,000.0 PKR87,450.0 PKR
LLM Commercial Law2 Years499,000.0 PKR62,375.0 PKR
School of Media and Communication Studies
BS Media and Communication4 Years899,000.0 PKR56,188.0 PKR
Master in Media and Communication2 Years449,000.0 PKR56,125.0 PKR
MPhil Media and Communication2 Years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
School of Pharmacy
Doctor of Pharmacy5 Years1,599,999.0 PKR84,200.0 PKR
School of Professional Advancement
Bachelor of Professional Studies4 Years799,000.0 PKR49,938.0 PKR
Master of Computer Science2 Years499,000.0 PKR62,375.0 PKR
Master of Fashion & Luxury Management (NOT OFFERING in S2022)2 Years499,000.0 PKR62,375.0 PKR
Master of Human Resource Management2 Years499,000.0 PKR62,375.0 PKR
Master of Information Technology2 Years499,000.0 PKR62,375.0 PKR
Master of Supply Chain Management (NOT OFFERING in S2022)2 Years499,000.0 PKR62,375.0 PKR
MS Project Management1.5 Years499,000.0 PKR83,167.0 PKR
School of Professional Psychology
BS Clinical Psychology4 years999,000.0 PKR62,438.0 PKR
BS Psychology4 Years899,000.0 PKR56,188.0 PKR
MPhil Psychology2 Years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
MS Clinical Psychology2 Years699,000.0 PKR87,375.0 PKR
MS Counselling Psychology (NOT OFFERING in S2022)2 Years499,000.0 PKR62,375.0 PKR
MSc Psychology2 Years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
PhD Clinical Psychology3 Years699,000.0 PKR58,250.0 PKR
School of Science
BS Biochemistry4 Years849,000.0 PKR53,063.0 PKR
BS Biotechnology4 Years849,000.0 PKR53,063.0 PKR
BS Chemistry4 Years849,000.0 PKR53,063.0 PKR
BS Mathematics4 Years849,000.0 PKR53,063.0 PKR
BS Microbiology4 years849,000.0 PKR53,063.0 PKR
BS Physics4 Years849,000.0 PKR53,063.0 PKR
BS Zoology(Not Offering in S2022)4 years849,000.0 PKR53,063.0 PKR
MS Chemistry2 Years499,000.0 PKR62,375.0 PKR
MS in Biochemistry (NOT OFFERING in S2022)2 Years499,000.0 PKR62,375.0 PKR
MS in Biotechnology2 Years499,000.0 PKR62,375.0 PKR
MS Mathematics2 Years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
MS Mathematics Weekend2 Years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
MS Physics2 Years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
MS Physics (weekend)2 years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
PhD Chemistry3 Years599,000.0 PKR49,917.0 PKR
PhD Mathematics3 Years599,000.0 PKR49,917.0 PKR
PhD Physics3 Years599,000.0 PKR49,917.0 PKR
School of Social Sciences and Humanities
B.Ed. (1.5 Year) (NOT OFFERING in S2022)1.5 Years199,000.0 PKR33,167.0 PKR
BA Honors in Early Childhood Education4 Years599,000.0 PKR37,438.0 PKR
BS Education4 Years449,000.0 PKR28,063.0 PKR
BS Gender Studies4 Years599,000.0 PKR37,438.0 PKR
BS Honors in Special Needs Education4 Years599,000.0 PKR37,438.0 PKR
BS International Relations4 Years799,000.0 PKR49,938.0 PKR
BS Political Science4 Years799,000.0 PKR49,938.0 PKR
BS Social Work4 years699,000.0 PKR43,688.0 PKR
BS Sociology4 Years699,000.0 PKR43,688.0 PKR
MPhil Education2 Years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
MPhil Educational Leadership and Management (MPhil ELM)2 years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
MPhil Gender Studies (NOT OFFERING in S2022)2 Years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
Mphil International Relation2 Years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
MPhil Islamic Studies (Major in Seerat-un-Nabi (PBUH))2 Years349,000.0 PKR43,625.0 PKR
MPhil Islamic Thought and Civilization2 years349,000.0 PKR43,625.0 PKR
MPhil Political Science2 Years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
MPhil Sociology2 Years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
MPhil Special Education2 Years399,000.0 PKR49,875.0 PKR
MS Security and Strategic Studies2 Years249,000.0 PKR31,125.0 PKR
PhD International Relations3 Years399,000.0 PKR33,250.0 PKR
School of Systems and Technology
BS (Robotics & Intelligent Systems)4 Years1,199,000.0 PKR16.0 PKR
BS Artificial Intelligence4 years1,199,000.0 PKR74,938.0 PKR
BS Blockchain Technologies (BCT)4 Years1,199,000.0 PKR16.0 PKR
BS Computer Science (BSCS)4 years1,449,000.0 PKR90,563.0 PKR
BS Cyber Security(Not Offering in S2022)4999,000.0 PKR62,437.0 PKR
BS Data Science4 Years1,199,000.0 PKR74,938.0 PKR
BS Game Design and Development4-Years1,199,000.0 PKR74,938.0 PKR
BS Internet of Things4 years1,199,000.0 PKR74,938.0 PKR
BS Software Engineering4 years1,449,000.0 PKR90,563.0 PKR
MS Artificial Intelligence2 Years549,000.0 PKR68,625.0 PKR
MS Computer Science2 Years549,000.0 PKR68,625.0 PKR
MS Computing & Data Science2 Years549,000.0 PKR68,625.0 PKR
MS Information Security2 years549,000.0 PKR68,625.0 PKR
MS Information Technology2 Years549,000.0 PKR68,625.0 PKR
MS Software Engineering2 Years549,000.0 PKR68,625.0 PKR
Ph.D. Computer Science3 Years699,000.0 PKR58,250.0 PKR

How To Apply In UMT Lahore Admissions Spring 2022

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