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MDCAT MCAT Merit Calculator mdcat aggregate formula

MDCAT MCAT Merit Calculator-MDCAT stands for Medical and Dental College of Admission Test, This is a compulsory test for those candidates who want to get admission to Medical colleges of Pakistan or in BDS Colleges. This MDCAT test is mandatory to get admission in both Private and Government Colleges. On this page, you will find all information related to how to calculate MDCAT/MCAT merit aggregate and what is the aggregate formula of MDCAT.

This Test is supervised by UHS (University of Health and Sciences), who conduct tests across Punjab. The entrance test result determines the entrance of the candidates in Medical College. In 2019, UHS changed its strategy to get exams of Candidates, the MCQ mark is reduced to One mark only and matric marks are excluded from the merit.

How to calculate MDCAT MCAT Aggregate?

We create a updated version of MDCAT/ MCAT merit calculator which is very easy to operate, enter you intermediate and entry marks, then hit the calculate button.

What is the MDCAT MCAT Merit calculator Test Marks Criteria?

The MDCAT (formerly MCAT) exam now consists of 200 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in total. Starting from 2018, each question carries one mark. This change has removed negative marking, which is good news for students, as they can now earn more marks in the entrance test. The MCQs are divided among different subjects as follows:

  • Biology: 80 MCQs
  • Chemistry: 60 MCQs
  • Physics: 40 MCQs
  • English: 20 MCQs

This subject segregation in the MDCAT (MCAT) exam helps students prepare and calculate their merit more effectively using the MDCAT merit calculator.

Biology80 MCQs
Chemistry60 MCQs
Physics40 MCQs
English20 MCQs

There are 200 MCQs in the test, each MCQ contains one mark and there is no negative marking. This helps candidates to achieve more marks in the entrance exam.

Merit Criteria of MDCAT

  • FSC/A-Level50%
  • MDCAT Entry Test/ SAT(II)50%

For Exmple

You have following marks in Intermediate and Entry Test.

  • Intermediate: 1020/1100
  • Entry Test: 180/200

MDCAT Merit Formula will be = 1120/1100*50 + 180/200*50

Your Aggregate is 91.36

Marking Policy

Correct1 Marks
Wrong0 Marks
Not Attempted0 Marks

MDCAT/MCAT Merit Calculator

Basically, MDCAT Aggregate calculator is working as:

Enter your:

  • Total-FSC Marks
  • Obtain-FSC Marks
  • Obtain-Matric Marks
  • Obtain Entry Test(MDCAT,SAT,MCAT) Marks

Page Bottom Line:

MDCAT MCAT merit calculator/aggregator is the neccesary tool to calculate your aggreagte for medical college admission.


Certainly, here are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the MDCAT MCAT Merit calculator 2023, including the requested keywords:

1. What is the MDCAT Merit Calculator 2023, and how does it relate to MCAT?

The MDCAT Merit Calculator 2023 is an online tool specifically designed for MDCAT (formerly MCAT) applicants. It helps students estimate their merit or aggregate score for medical college admissions in Pakistan based on their MDCAT exam results, FSC/A-level grades, and other relevant factors.

2. How do I use the MDCAT Merit Calculator, and is it different from the MCAT Merit Calculator?

Using the MDCAT MCAT Merit calculator is simple. Enter your MDCAT MCAT Merit calculator score, your FSC or A-level marks, and any additional relevant information as required. While it’s commonly referred to as the MDCAT Merit Calculator now, it serves the same purpose as the MCAT Merit Calculator in previous years.

3. What information do I need to input into the MDCAT Merit Calculator for 2023?

You will typically need to input your MDCAT score, FSC/A-level marks, and other details such as your matriculation marks, if applicable. The specific information required may vary by calculator.

4. Is the estimated merit score provided by the MDCAT Merit Calculator accurate, and how does it compare to the MCAT Merit Calculator?

The estimated merit score provided by the calculator is a rough estimate and may not reflect the actual merit calculation used by medical colleges. It gives you an idea of where you stand based on the information you provide. The MCAT Merit Calculator and MDCAT MCAT Merit calculator essentially serve the same purpose, but they cater to different exam names.

5. Can I use the MDCAT Merit Calculator for admission to all medical colleges in Pakistan, including those that previously used MCAT?

Yes, you can use the MDCAT MCAT Merit calculator for estimating your merit for admission to many medical colleges in Pakistan, including those that previously used the MCAT exam. However, each college may have its own specific admission criteria, so it’s important to check with the colleges you’re interested in for their exact requirements.

6. Do I need to input my test roll number into the MDCAT Merit Calculator, and is this different from the MCAT Merit Calculator’s requirements?

Typically, you don’t need to input your test roll number into the MDCAT Merit Calculator. This requirement remains consistent with the MCAT Merit Calculator. It primarily relies on your MDCAT score, FSC/A-level grades, and other relevant academic information.

7. Can I rely solely on the MDCAT Merit Calculator’s estimate for my admission decisions, especially if I previously used the MCAT Merit Calculator?

While the calculator provides a helpful estimate, it’s essential to consider it as a reference point. Always verify the actual admission requirements and merit lists of the colleges you’re interested in, whether you previously used the MCAT Merit Calculator or are now using the MDCAT Merit Calculator, to make informed decisions. Students interested to calculate the merit for admission in different universities can also check their merit using our Merit Calculator.

8. Is the MDCAT Merit Calculator 2023 official or affiliated with any specific institutions, and is it distinct from the MCAT Merit Calculator?

The MDCAT Merit Calculator is usually created by independent developers or organizations to assist MDCAT (formerly MCAT) students. It is not an official tool affiliated with any specific institution or the official MDCAT exam authorities. The MCAT Merit Calculator served a similar purpose for the MCAT exam in previous years.

9. Are there different MDCAT Merit Calculators for different provinces in Pakistan, and did the MCAT Merit Calculator have this distinction?

There may be MDCAT Merit Calculators tailored to specific provinces or regions in Pakistan, just as there were for the MCAT Merit Calculator. Admission policies and merit criteria can vary by region also take guidance from HmaryIdary, so be sure to use a calculator that is relevant to the medical colleges you are applying to.

10. Where can I find an MDCAT Merit Calculator for 2023, and does this differ from searching for the MCAT Merit Calculator in the past?

You can typically find MDCAT Merit Calculators on educational websites, forums, or apps, much like you would have searched for the MCAT Merit Calculator in previous years. It’s a good idea to search online or ask your peers for recommendations to find a reliable calculator, whether it’s for MDCAT or MCAT purposes.

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