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NDU Islamabad admissions 2022 are currently open for students interested in BS, MS, MPhil, and Ph.D. programs. The National Defense University, Islamabad, invites applications from qualified candidates. Applications should be sent as soon as possible. Detailed application process for local, international, and Pakistani citizens’ eligibility requirements, Applications Online.

The National Defense University will offer well-considered insights on national security at the policy and strategic level, advancing the cause of free, open, and critical inquiry and scholarly debate in the service of society. Through multidisciplinary educational and research program, professional exchanges, and outreach with a focus on security and modern studies, Pakistan and friendly nations can prepare future leaders from the public and private sectors.

NDU Islamabad Admissions 2022 Details

Institute NameNational Defense University
Admission openBS, MS, MPhil, Ph.D.

NDU Islamabad admissions 2022 Advertisement

NDU Islamabad Admissions 2022

Eligibility Criteria of NDU Islamabad Admissions 2022

visit the site for specific eligibility criteria https://ndu.edu.pk/temp/admission-fall-22/Eligibility-Criteria-Fall-2022.pdf

Fee Structure

Fee Outline for Local/Pakistani Students
S.noFee DescriptionBS (Rs)
(4 yrs)
(2 yrs)
PhD (Rs)
(3 yrs)
1Admission Charges (One Time)37,30061,50061,500
2Semester Charger61,000×836,800 x436,800×6
3Thesis Fee12,100 Optional24,20036,300
4Semester Extension fee (5th Semester) for MPhil/MS5,000
5Semester Extension fee (6th, 7th & 8th Semester) MPhil/MS10,000
6Semester Extension fee (11th Semester onwards for PhD)10,000


  • The first semester fee and one-time fees must be paid by the students at the time of enrollment.
  • After the second semester, you have four weeks from the start of the semester to pay your tuition without incurring a penalty. Thesis fees must be paid when the first draught is turned in.

Fee Outline for Foreigner FCS Students
S.noFee DescriptionBS (US$)
(4 yrs)
(2 yrs)
PhD (US$)
(3 yrs)
1Admission Charges (One Time)1,000625750
2Semester Charges1,500×81,250×41,500×6
3Thesis Fee 7502,000
4Total Fee for Entire 2/3/4 Years Program13,0006,37511,750

Registration/Exam Charges for Additional Courses/Improvement/Repetition Cases (Per Course Fee)
S.noFee DescriptionBSMPhil/MSPhD
1Pakistani FCS Students (Rs.)6,0507,2607,260
2International FCS Students (US$)1007575
3Pakistani FCS Students (Transfer charges) (Rs.)12,10018,15018,150

How to Apply for NDU Islamabad Admissions 2022?

  • For the appropriate term (Spring/Fall), admissions are publicized in local publications and on the NDU official website.
  • Candidates must complete an application form that is available online at the NDU website (available on opening of admissions).
  • The applicant receives a system-generated login and password through email, which they can use to access (login) the online admission system. To apply, the candidate must create a login ID using a legitimate email address.
  • Candidates must attach a soft copy of all required documentation and the original receipt for the application processing fee after completing the online application form.
  • The published schedule for the GAT (G/S) for MPhil/PhD, NDU Entry Test for BS/MPhil/PhD, and interview for BS/MPhil/PhD must be followed by the applicants.
  • The NDU or NTS GAT (General) must be passed in order to be considered for an MS or MPhil. The NDU GAT (G) is not mandatory for those who received a valid or passing score on the NTS-GAT (G).
  • For PhD candidates, passing the NDU GAT (Subject) is a must. Those who have passed the NTS-GAT (S) who are applying for a PhD in IR/LMS (only) are exempt from taking the NDU GAT (S) on the scheduled dates.
  • The published Merit Determination Criteria will be used to determine merit.
  • After the test and interview, the merit list will be released in accordance with the dates set and announced in the newspaper and on the NDU official website.
  • Offer letters and fee challans will be sent via email to the chosen students. Only if the fee is submitted by the deadline will the student be regarded disqualified from the full merit list and have their name removed from any future merit lists.
  • Each student accepted based on merit is required to enroll in all of the required courses for the semester.

Apply for admission using the link below.

NDU Islamabad Admissions 2022 Merit calculator

You can calculate the merit of your chosen degree for fall admissions 2022.

ProgramWeightage Average
BSAcademic Background: 40%
SSC/HSSC/O/A level/equivalent: 10%
HSSC/O/A Level/equivalent: 30%

NDU Entry Test 40 %

Interview: 20%
(No 3rd Division throughout Their Entire Academic Career). A 50% passing score is required for the interview.
MS/MPhilAcademic background: 40%
BA/BSc (2 years)/equiv.: 15%
MA/MSc/equiv.: 25%
BS (4 years): 40%

GAT: 10%

NDU Entry test: 30%

Interview: 20%
(Min 2nd Div (annual based degree) or 2.5/4.0 CGPA (semester-based degrees). Passing
marks of Interview shall be 50%).
Only GAT (G) passed candidates will be called for Entry Test / Interviews).
(No 3rd Division in Entire Academic Career. Passing marks of Interview shall be 50%.
 Result awaiting candidates’ applications shall not be considered, complete
transcript of last degree must be submitted at the time of submission of
 Candidates are also required to submit HEC attested degree at the time of

Ph.D.Academic background: 35%
BA/BSc (2 years)/equiv.: 5%
MA/MSc/equiv.: 10%
BS (4years): 15%

MPhil/MS/equiv.: 20%

GAT(S): 20%

Entry Test: 20%

Proposal/ Interview: 25%

(Min 1st Div (annual based degree) or 3.0/4.0 CGPA (semester-based degrees).
Passing marks of Entry Test &Interview shall be 50%.
Applicants shall be required to present them
proposal before panel.
(No 3rd Division in Entire Academic Career. Passing marks of
Interview shall be 50%.
 Complete transcript, Degree must be submitted at the time of admission
 Final copy of Research Proposal shall be submitted with the admission
 Incomplete application shall not be considered.

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