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NUMS Merit Calculator 2023 Updated-NUMS, also known as the National University of Medical Sciences. It is a public sector university located in Rawalpindi and is also known as Army medical college. The aim of NUMS is to promote advanced medical health education, research, and service delivery. NUMS contains two affiliations, one from HEC and the second from PMDC. At a time, there are 2000 students registered in the undergraduate program and 150 Postgraduates Scholars.

If you want to get admission to NUMS, first you should have to pass the NUMS entry test. It is compulsory to fulfill all the requirements prescribed by the University for admission. On this page we share with you NUMS Merit Calculator, with this, you can calculate your aggregate for NUMS Admissions. NUMS Merit Calculator is updated according to the rules and regulations university, you can calculate your FSC based and O Level Based aggregate through this calculator. People have lots of different questions regarding the NUMS merit calculator or merit aggregate, all queries will be solved in this article.

How to calculate NUMS Merit Aggregate?

Are you looking for NUMS Merit Calculator, below is the updated version of NUMS merit calculator, you can calculate your merit aggregate by putting your intermediate and NUMS entrance test marks.

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NUMS Entry Test Result

UMS contains two affiliations, one from HEC and the second from PMDC. At a time, there are 2000 students registered in the undergraduate program and 150 Postgraduates Scholars.

NUMS Merit Criteria:

Following is the merit criterion of NUMS for admission as:

  • NUMS Entrance Test/NTS: 50%
  • FSc 50%

Division of Subjects in NUMS Test

  • Biology 60
  • Chemistry 38
  • Physics 37
  • English 15

Total 180 MCQs in test, each mcq contain one marks and there is no negative marking.

How to Use NUMS Merit Calculator 2023?

And the calculation method is follow as:

Enter your

  • Total-FSC Marks
  • Obtain FSC Marks
  • NUMS Entry Test Marks
  • or NTS NAT Marks

NUMS Eligibility Criteria for MBBS, BDS, MLT, BSc


  • 60% Passing Aggregate in the HSSC and SSC Examination.
  • FSC part 1 can also apply in order to get verified using the certificate along with the transcript.
  • The students of O-A Levels must submit a certificate from IBCC.

BSc Nursing Degree:

  • Only female candidates are eligible to apply.
  • Candidate must secure 60% marks in the HSSC Examination.

For Cardiac Perfusion / MLT:

  • Candidate must secure 60% marks in theHSSC Examination.

NUMS Merit Formula 2023:

Suppose you have following marks in matric, intermediateand NTS;

  • Intermediate: 1020/1100
  • Entry Test: 175/200

Formula is=1020/1100 *50 + 175/200* 50 = 90.11%

Page Bottom Line

Using this NUMS Aggregate Calculator, you can determine the exact aggregate of the final admission. Its  also makes students aware of the merit of MBBS, BDS and MLT admission, and helps candidate in preparatory session.


Certainly, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the NUMS (National University of Medical Sciences) Merit Calculator 2023, including the requested keyword “NUMS Merit Calculator”:

1. What is the NUMS Merit Calculator 2023, and how does it work?

The NUMS Merit Calculator 2023 is an online tool designed to help prospective students estimate their merit or aggregate score for admission to the National University of Medical Sciences in Pakistan. It calculates the merit based on various factors, such as test scores, academic grades, and other relevant information.

2. How do I use the NUMS Merit ?

Using the NUMS Merit Calculator is simple. Enter your test scores, academic grades, and any additional required information into the calculator. The calculator will then provide you with an estimated merit score.

3. What information do I need to input into the NUMS Merit?

You will typically need to input your entry test scores, FSC/A-level marks, and any other relevant academic information. The specific data required may vary depending on the calculator.

4. Is the estimated merit score provided by the NUMS Merit accurate?

The estimated merit score provided by the calculator is a rough estimate and may not reflect the exact merit calculation used by NUMS. It serves as a reference point to help you gauge your potential standing in the admission process.

5. Can I solely rely on the NUMS Merit Calculator for my admission decisions?

While the calculator provides a helpful estimate, it’s important to note that it is not the official admission process. Always verify the actual admission requirements and merit criteria provided by NUMS to make informed decisions.

6. Is the NUMS Merit an official tool affiliated with the National University of Medical Sciences?

The NUMS Merit is typically created by independent developers or organizations to assist students. It is not an official tool directly affiliated with NUMS, but it can still be a useful resource.

7. Are there different versions of the NUMS Merit for different programs or faculties within NUMS?

There may be specific versions of the NUMS Merit tailored to different programs or faculties offered by NUMS. These calculators may have variations in the calculation criteria, so be sure to use the one that corresponds to your intended program.

8. Where can I find the NUMS Merit Calculator for 2023?

You can typically find the NUMS Merit on educational websites, forums, or apps. It’s a good idea to search online or inquire with your peers to find a reliable NUMS Merit Calculator for the specific year you are interested in.

9. How is the NUMS Merit 2023 different from previous years’ versions?

The NUMS Merit for 2023 may be updated to reflect changes in admission criteria or scoring systems. It’s essential to use the most current version to ensure accuracy in estimating your merit for the given year.

10. Can I use the NUMS Merit for admissions to other universities in Pakistan, or is it exclusively for NUMS?

The NUMS Merit is primarily designed for NUMS admissions. If you are applying to other universities in Pakistan, you may need to use different merit calculators or adhere to their specific admission criteria.

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